garage door spring replacement

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

Garage Door Near Me, Inc is a call away. We have serviced nearly every make and model of garage door, and our fast and friendly technicians can be there quickly to get you on the road again. A broken spring can be repaired, but there are occasions when it will need to be replaced. It is very important to have a professional do the work, as attempts by those who are not experienced can be very dangerous. The spring is very large and the tension must be strong enough to both lift and lower a very heavy door. The spring is a very large moving part and it is not something to “try” if you are not trained to do so.


Trained Technicians

There are specially made tools which only professionals can use to safely repair, remove, or replace the large and powerful spring. Those who have tried it on their own have suffered some pretty dramatic injuries, and the powerful moving part can also damage the interior of the garage if moved improperly. Cars, walls, equipment, and tools have been known to suffer damage from a broken spring suddenly snapping out of place. Garage Door Near Me, Inc can be safely handled when you call our dedicated staff. This should not be put off, either. Further damage can occur if the broken spring is not quickly addressed.


Emergency Service

A broken spring can happen anytime. You may not even notice that the large moving part is beginning to wear out. There are no warning signs in some cases. Suddenly, it snaps or breaks and you are stuck with a garage door that won’t move. This can happen anytime, and we are available no matter when it occurs. Our emergency service is here to safely get you going again, day or night. If your garage door was open with the break occurred, of course, you will need to get it safely closed again. Or, if you and your car are stuck inside the garage with no way of leaving, you will also need help right away. When you call us, Garage Door Near Me, Inc will quickly resolve the issue whenever you need us.


Any Make or Model

Your garage door may be brand new, or more than a few years old. Our trained technicians have been servicing Garage Door Near Me, Inc for years and can inspect, repair, or replace parts for any make or model you might have. We have the parts and tools ready to help everyone in our community, no matter how old the garage door may be. Even new garage doors can suddenly have issues, and our qualified team can make sure the repair is done right the first time. No matter what type of garage door you have, our experts can help.


Specialty Doors

We can also service commercial garage doors and custom wood & glass garage doors. These specialty doors work in basically the same way as residential doors. The springs on these doors may be somewhat larger, but they are still serviced by our professionals safely and quickly. Commercial doors often used in businesses are necessary to keep the business going. This is a repair service which needs to be addressed immediately for safety reasons. Employees and customers can be in danger if the spring should become dislodged. Our 24-hour service applies to any type of specialty door too. Garage Door Near Me, Inc for our community businesses and specialty garage door owners is available anytime.


Trusted Service

For anyone needing garage door spring repair, we are a trusted member of the community. We stand by our team of professional technicians who have serviced, repaired, and replaced every type of garage door. Our service is fast and friendly, and our prices are the best in the business. You will not only be satisfied but happy with our work. We are here to help you anytime when you need garage door spring repair in Orange County CA. Whether it is a business or residential, specialty door or common door, we have the experience, parts, and tools to do the job right the first time. Every time!

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